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In Shape Incentive (ISI) is a health and wellness company located in the greater Boston area. ISI embraces a holistic approach when it comes to overall health excellence, with programs that simultaneously focus on both physical fitness and optimal nutrition. In Shape Incentive was founded in January 2018, but its story began long before this time. Founder, Alisa Primavera struggled for years being overweight before pursuing a career in physical fitness. She first began making small changes to her diet and working out a few days a week. As time went on, she developed a deep passion for fitness, nutrition, and the role of health in our overall sense of well-being. Upon reaching her goal weight, she knew she wanted to help others who go through similar struggles on a daily basis.

Alisa has always been clear in her message with her clients: with enough dedication and hard work, any goal is within reach, and any obstacle can be overcome. It has been her mission to help people reach their personal best by empowering them with the tools, knowledge, and support to get the job done. In Shape Incentive welcomes all people, regardless of the scope of their goals, while also accommodating for limitations. It is our guarantee that you will work with someone who is genuinely and sincerely invested in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, every step of the way.

In Shape Incentive embraces a holistic approach when working with our members. We focus intricately on strength, endurance, flexibility and nutrition as part of overall fitness. All classes are packed with full body workouts, complete with upper/lower body training, abs and core. We utilize the science of “confusing” muscle fiber to build strength in unique ways. This, combined with nutritional guidance and a positive, motivating atmosphere, will help provide the tools necessary for better overall health and vitality. 

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The In Shape Incentive Difference

Uniquely You

There is only one of you in this entire world. A nutrition and fitness plan should reflect this and be unique to you, your body and your goals. etc. 

The Trifecta Focus

Not just about your body. What have you done today for your body? Your soul? Your mind? etc. 

Strength in Numbers

Group, community, encouragement, etc. why doing this together helps your chance of success

Classes and 1:1 Sessions Daily

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