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What a lucky day for me when I decided to ask Alisa Primavera for personal training. I watched her train others at my former gym and thought she was terrific. I set up some private sessions. A great decision!  When Covid struck, we switched to virtual via Zoom at home. I look so forward to Alisa’s workouts which are beneficial to the max. 
She is a most caring, dedicated professional who consistently checks in with me pre-workout to find out how I’ve been feeling and if I currently have any trouble spots. Her workouts are targeted to me and my personal needs. The exercises are creative, functional, and fun. Alisa is always challenging and encouraging as she raises the bar at each session. She has pushed me (a 72 year old)  in a gentle way to do the best that I can. I am amazed at the growth in strength and ability I have seen! I look forward to countless more workouts with her.


Janet S.

Alisa is an extraordinary and expert trainer.  Workouts with Alisa are always highly motivating.  She is keenly aware of my strengths and weaknesses and personally tailors every workout.  Alisa is ever mindful of proper form and technique.  She has such a positive, inspiring attitude and makes working out really fun!


Jen D.

I started going to In-Shape Incentive for personal training with Alisa in the summer of 2018.  Each training session is different. Even after all these years, Alisa still manages to come up with new workouts to keep me challenged. Her energy and enthusiasm are so motivating and encouraging. I am not one of the people that loves working out, but I truly enjoy the sessions at In-Shape Incentive.
Alisa’s encouraging and creative approach to training helps me stay motivated and helps me get results. When I am whining about being tired or sweaty, she tells me she wants to be sure I am getting my money’s worth. I can confirm I always get my money’s worth and also have a lot of fun training at In-Shape Incentive

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